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MailGate Extension Modules

Expand the abilities of your MailGate server with our Corporate Licence, or tailor MailGate to suit your business needs by adding these optional modules individually to your MailGate system.

Detailed information on how to install Extensions can be found in the FAQ.

Mail Manager Extension - extend and automate your mail processing capabilities

Anti-Spam Extension - knock out spam with this powerful utility

Anti-Virus Extension - protect your network from e-mail viruses

Mail Log Extension - Provides enhanced logging for use with the Soft-ex Netalyzer product.

List Server Extension - full list server capability

Remote Admin Extension - remote administration and Webmail

The Corporate MailGate license activates all current extension modules (except the List Server).

The Starter MailGate license comprises the standard mail server and Web proxy server components only. You can purchase a license for any extension modules individually, or you can upgrade to a Corporate license at a modest cost.

GB Sterling prices can be found here.
Contact your supplier for full details.