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Upgrading from Older MailGate Versions

Upgrading your MailGate installation from a version earlier than 3.3.xxx is a simple process, but there are some important points to note.

Current Settings - the upgrade process is an over-install and will not change or lose any of your current settings, however there are a number of new features in the current version. Check out the Release Notes for a full list of the changes and review your settings.

In particular, review the settings for System address: and System reports to:, which can be found on the Gateway|Setup|E-mail screen.

When you have completed your review, we recommend you also take advantage of the new Backup Configuration option.

Licence Key - you will be required to enter your licence key during the setup. To find out what your key is, use the Help | About screen and note your key code before running the setup.

Support for upgrading MailGate is available by e-mail from support@mailgate.com