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Free Software and Utility Downloads

This page contains links to the install files for our free software products and utilities, and any other free utilities that we recommend.

SpamWeasel Pro 1.0 (2145K)
SpamWeasel Pro is a powerful FREE spam mail filter application to add to your POP3 e-mail client software.

SpamWeasel Pro 1.0.44

PuTTYtel 0.58 (264k)
PuTTYtel is a really handy third-party tool which is perfect for checking out networking problems. PuTTYtel is a free implementation of Telnet for Win32 platforms, written and maintained primarily by Simon Tatham.

PuTTYtel 0.58 - This file is a self-contained executable for PuTTYtel.

For information on how to use PuTTYtel, check out the FAQ here.

For more information on PuTTYtel and similar products, check out the Website: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/. Many thanks to Simon for this excellent tool.

Remote Log Viewer 1.0 (1478k)
For use with MailGate - This utility allows you to access MailGate log files from a remote machine, over your local network or the Internet.

Remote Log Viewer 1.0.6

IlohaMail 0.8.14-RC3 (694k)
IlohaMail is an Open Source, php-based Webmail package that can be integrated with MailGate. This provides more extensive features than MailGate's own Webmail feature.

IlohaMail 0.8.14-RC3.

For information on how to use IlohaMail, check out the FAQ here.

For more information on IlohaMail, check out the Website: http://ilohamail.org/.

SpamWeasel Free
See FAQ area for details.